Cercasi ERLANG DEVELOPER per lavoro a Berlino

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Expaway, azienda di headhunting a livello europeo, sta cercando per conto di azienda con sede a Berlino un ERLANG DEVELOPER.

Se pensate di avere la giusta esperienza, inviate la vostra domanda con curriculum a mencaraglia@expaway.com

Di seguito trovate l’annuncio di lavoro, in inglese (lingua che dovete sapere per lavorare in questa azienda), per capire se l’opportunità possa essere di vostro interesse.

On behalf of our client, an innovative Mobile Payment Services company, we are currently accepting CVs for the below career opportunity:


Be part of an exciting and creative team that seeks to spearhead a competitive platform for merchants and direct consumers.

The quality of the end result product will depend on what you bring to the table (code performance, development of systems, etc).

A background in the payments industry would be ideal, but it’s not necessary.


• Production applications management: design, development, packaging and deployment.
• Work fluidly within distributed systems
• Message queuing (like RabbitMQ for example)
• Collaborative Development within a Source Code Management tool like Git or Mercurial


• Proficient in a logical language, preferably Erlang, but knowledge of Haskell, Lisp, Scala, Clojure, Lua can prove to be a good fit.
• Protocols (SSL, HTTP, TCP – for example)
• Knowledge of file systems, sockets, pipes and scheduler on Unix system. The basic.
• You know how to rewrite: Distributed systems with high throughput and high availability, the development of multi-threaded systems, concurrency, transaction processing, horizontal scaling


• The challenging opportunity for full fledged contribution to signature company projects
• An office in the heart of Berlin!
• A dynamic team with flat hierarchies
• Project flexibility, leeway, solid workflow and leadership opportunities
• Permanent opportunity offering a competitive salary.

In bocca al lupo!

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